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I think you'll find the majority of my artwork is in the D.Gray-Man folder XD Also, I make a shit ton of original characters, so please do give me feedback and leave comments :) I'm always willing to get advice and improve my characters!

DGM OC- Lys Silverton - outfit reference by AlyssaFoxAHDGM OC - Riche Krome - outfit reference by AlyssaFoxAHDGM OC: Chibi Drek Cherresbury by AlyssaFoxAHD.Gray-Man: Sage No Deshi ch1 p1 by AlyssaFoxAHRed by AlyssaFoxAHRiche and Drek - DGM OCs by AlyssaFoxAHLys Silverton *INNOCENCE*  DGM OC by AlyssaFoxAHDGM OC - Riche - Innocence by AlyssaFoxAHLavi - Sakura Sunset by AlyssaFoxAHDrek Cherresbury - DGM OC by AlyssaFoxAHD. Gray Man OC's- Lys, Drek, Riche by AlyssaFoxAHDrek Cherresbury -DGM OC- uniform by AlyssaFoxAH




Here's some fabulous artwork by the lovely people out there who made pretty stuff for me :3 Whether you're fans of my characters, making gifts, requests, art trades; whatever it is, I'll feature them right here so others can see your fabulous work!

Riche Krome by Pajarito-AlvarezDGM SV - AlyssaFoxAH by Kiinsy-KoPC: AlyssaFoxAH by NaocitaTamarequest by Kyu3118Freed by SpeggiesAlice And Silverton Training With Innocence by ilovemarkimash.:Request:. AlyssaFoxAH by PixelPrincess90Happy Birthday, AlyssaFoxAh! by NaocitaTamaLegend of Korra oc request by R0rik0[Request] 1763.24 by El-and-NoxiRequest by Kyu3118AlyssaFoxAH Request by ShanaharutoArt Trade with AlyssaFoxAH by xXWaldnympheXx_Lys Silverton_ by MiiaChuuLys Silverton  by NaocitaTamaRiche, Lys, and Drek by SarskuttiGift: Lys Silverton by AshlingRainStromNow Kiss! by CDee23Lys Silverton by ToshoriRequest! by MikiTakamotoLys Silverton by kinipa3:Request: Lys Silverton by Kou-Yuu:Lys Silverton: by RandomRedFoxAT: Richielu, Drek and Lyss by HikaTsunAlice Vs. Lenalee by ilovemarkimashRQ For AlyssaFoxAH ~Lys and Kanda by EeveelynKiriuyy_Lys Silverton_ by MiiaChuu(Request) Kanda and Lys(Oc) by Lik-chanAT with AlyssaFoxAH  Drek,Lys and Riche by EeveelynKiriuyyKanda and Silverton: Mustache by CDee23Request-Richelieu Krome by onebecamenoneWhat is that ? finished by arschraMAGNET- Allen x Riche (DGM) by ERURUUloveSilverton arriving at BO meeting Kaito by ilovemarkimashDrek Cherresbury by SarskuttiLys and Kanda REQUEST by illasmarchDGM OC request from AlyssaFoxAH by mafxkurofreakjex DGM O.C Fanfiction-Drek x Kanda Part 2
As Soon as Eevee left, Lavi and Drek just sat there in the Silence. People started to sense some kind of weird aura surrounding that table. Kanda sat a few tables away and noticed how miserable Drek looked Sitting there with Lavi. So he picked up his tray of Soba noodles and walked over to sit with her.  Once he sat down across from her she looked at him in surprise while a very faint pink came to her cheeks.
“Look who’s come to Join the Party, How you doing Yu?” Lavi said with a smile,
“I TOLD YOU NOT TO CALL ME THAT NAME.” Kanda grabbed Mugen, ready to unleash it upon Lavi.
“Ok, ok I’m Sorry.” Lavi stuck his hands up in defense. Drek just smiled a ghost-like smile towards the two of them.  “Well, I’m Just going to leave you two alone for a bit so, I’ll be seeing you Y-Kanda,” Lavi almost forgot, If he Didn’t wanted to be shredded.  Drek Thought in her mind 'Finally Lavi is gone, but now he’s with me,
Would you care to dance? (Kanda xOC)There Lys stood infront of her mirror, staring at what she was wearing. She glared at the entire ensemble from her hair down to her shoes. Her hair was done up in a neat bun studded with white pearls. She was wearing a strapless, white, pearl studded dress that came up to her mid thigh. Her shoes were pumps that were a light silver metallic color, accented with a plain braided rope chain necklace and bracelet of the same color. This was certainly not something that she would normally wear, but tonight was the Valentine's Day party. Kamui had put it together and he made it mandatory that every one came, and to be dressed formally or else. Lys didn't care to deal with the 'or else' so she decided to go along with this for the night. All day, people had been exchanging Valentine's. She has received quite a few but none from the one she hoped. She had even handed out a few to her close friends.
It was almost 8:00, which is when the party was supposed to start. She could already hear people
I was just having some fun (AllenxOC)It was morning when Riche woke up. She didn't know what time it was, but she didn't care. Today was her and lenalees day off, and they were going to go into town today for some girl time. She got up and took her time getting dressed since she was on no particular schedule. She finished doing her hair then walked over to her door. As she walked out of her room she almost ran into somebody. "Sorry Riche, I was just coming to wake you up! It's breakfast time and I didn't want you to miss it." Allen said with a sheepish grin on his face. "Oh, it not a problem and thanks." She stated as she closed her door behind her and turned to face Allen.
"I almost forgot, good morning..." He leaned down towards Riche and just before he could place his lips on top of hers, "Allen!" It was reaver who had just come from around the corner. His sudden appearance made Allen jump about a foot up into the air. "I hate to break things up, but the chief needs you in his office as soon as possible. Which means as


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Floating Heart (DL's Purple) - F2U! by Drache-Lehre:iconblackrose-1::iconblackrose-2::iconblackrose-3::iconblackrose-4::iconblackrose-5::iconblackrose-6::iconblackrose-7x:Floating Heart (DL's Purple) - F2U! by Drache-Lehre
Heart-n-Ribbon Divider (Black-Purple) - F2U! by Drache-Lehre

Hello, everybody! My name is Slim Shady AlyssaFoxAH! I am 18 years old, but my maturity is about 10 years behind me ^^’

My specialty is traditional art, but recently, I’ve been trying my hand at some digital work with my shitty equipment. I still prefer good ol’ pens, pencils, and markers.

I also prefer to draw more cartoony things - such as anime/manga and anthro game characters. This is mostly because I enjoy designing new characters more than anything! I’m not too shabby when it comes to realism either, however. I take interest in art of all kinds ^^

As you can probably tell by now, my favorite fandom is D. Gray-Man! The author, Hoshino Katsura, is my idol. Her style inspires me to no end and I hope to one day be as great as she is.

I write original stories and even fanfictions sometimes, my most popular one being my D. Gray-Man fanfiction, Sage's Apprentice. Here are some links to get to the chapters quickly :)
Chapter Links:
Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Chapter 4
Chapter 5
Chapter 6
Chapter 7
Chapter 8
Chapter 9
Chapter 10
Chapter 11
Chapter 12 part 1
Chapter 12 part 2
Chapter 13
Chapter 14
Chapter 15
Chapter 16
Chapter 17
Chapter 18
Chapter 19
Chapter 20
Chapter 21
Chapter 22
Chapter 23
Chapter 24
Chapter 25
Chapter 26
Chapter 27
Chapter 28
Chapter 29
Chapter 30
Chapter 31
Chapter 32
Chapter 33
Chapter 34
Chapter 35
Chapter 36
Chapter 37
Chapter 38
Chapter 39
Chapter 40
Chapter 41
Chapter 42
Chapter 43
Chapter 44
Chapter 45
Chapter 46
Chapter 47
You can also go here-…


About my D.Gray-Man Characters

Lys can be rambunctious and wild when around her closest friends, but is extremely uncomfortable around strangers and is bad at making new friends. She tries to mask her shy nature with a headstrong attitude, which tends to push people away from her. She can be a bit gullible around men and overly judgemental of other women. She is known as an ill-mannered tomboy, but secretly enjoys girlish things such as jewelry and cute things such as animals. When she gives herself a duty to fulfill, she fully commits to it in order to succeed. However, if she fails, she tends to try and cover it up.

She becomes an exorcist at age 16 and wields a Parasitic innocence known as “Argento Ghigliottina.”

Read her full profile

Drek was born named Audre Kale Cherresbury into a rich family of nobles that owned railroads all over Germany and France. She knows all about proper etiquette and how to be a lady, but left that life behind her to pursue her dreams and play guitar. Having lived on a farm after leaving home, she learned more about middle-class culture and learned to respect it. She is stubborn, stingy, unforgiving, and resentful. She cherishes her friends more than anything and has a tendency to put up facades around other people to get their admiration. She has a bad habit of acting before thinking things through.

She becomes an exorcist at age 19 and wields an Equipment innocence named ”Mondstein Klampen.”

Read her full profile

Jethese is outgoing and sociable. He studied hard in school to impress his family, but ultimately, he didn’t meet their expectations for the perfect son, prompting him to leave home at a young age. He is extremely flirtatious and easily charms the women he pursues. He loves to tease people and goof around, but knows when to be serious. He pretends to take his job like a time to kick back, but in reality, he is a diligent worker who focuses hard as to not make mistakes. He is extremely loyal to his childhood friend/romantic interest, Lys Silverton. He can get emotional when put into tough situations, especially when they're caused by his own foolishness.

Jethese becomes a member of the Black Order’s Science Division at age 17 under supervision of Reever Wenham.

Read his full profile

Riche is a well-mannered, disciplined young girl who grew up on a farm with her grandparents. She’s accustomed to having a lot of responsibility and doesn’t mind helping others when they need it. She is a talented writer and dreams to have her stories and poetry published. When meeting new people, she makes sure to make them feel welcome around her, even if she prefers to be either alone or with her best friends. She is easily love-struck, but knows the difference between love and lust. She is extremely fit from working on her farm and in a carnival as a trapeze artist. One of her biggest flaws is her credulous nature, which often gets her into trouble.

Riche becomes an exorcist at age 17 and wields a Mnemonic innocence known as ”Sceptre De Chronos.”

Read her full profile


Friends, Active watchers, and Awesome Niggas


I don't bite, but I will if you steal my shit :icondidnotsleepplz: other than that, I'm pretty chill and often times goofy. Please feel free to get to know me

Floating Heart (DL's Purple) - F2U! by Drache-Lehre:iconblackrose-1::iconblackrose-2::iconblackrose-3::iconblackrose-4::iconblackrose-5::iconblackrose-6::iconblackrose-7x:Floating Heart (DL's Purple) - F2U! by Drache-Lehre
Shamrock Divider by Gasara


Shamrock Divider by Gasara

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DGM: Tyki x Drek AU by AlyssaFoxAH

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:bulletred: Reference of the characters are required
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Slot 1= OPEN :bulletgreen:

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Slot 3= OPEN :bulletgreen:

Sketch, bust-up/headshot: 100 points, +50 to add additional character

-Simple sketch of one character's head/bust-up. May or may not have pencil shading.

DRRR!! OC - Teru Hikaru [sketch] by AlyssaFoxAHHappy Birthday, Eeveelyn-Kiriuyy1321 by AlyssaFoxAHDGM: Millennium Countess by AlyssaFoxAHFarm girl by AlyssaFoxAHHappy Birthday, Scott! by AlyssaFoxAHPC: Ryu-HQ - DGM OC Yue by AlyssaFoxAHFor YuumeiBunny by AlyssaFoxAH

Colored, bust-up/headshot: 150 points, +75 to add additional character

-Outlined and colored of a single character bust-up/headshot.

DGM: Tyki x Drek AU by AlyssaFoxAHDGM OC Gift for WhiteDemonClaw by AlyssaFoxAHBurritos are muthafuckin AGELESS by AlyssaFoxAHRequest: Chank and Reiou by AlyssaFoxAHRequest for tokyomewmewfan137 -DGM OC Kaoru by AlyssaFoxAHAT with Eeveelyn-Kiriuyy1321 by AlyssaFoxAHConfusion (DGM OC) by AlyssaFoxAHDGM OC Gift for WhiteDemonClaw by AlyssaFoxAHJethese Ackers ~For BloodyvampiresE by AlyssaFoxAHD.Gray-Man - Next Generation by AlyssaFoxAH

Sketch, waist-up/halfbody: 200 points, +100 to add additional character

-Simple sketch of character waist-up/halfbody. May or may not have pencil shading.

Lenalee Lee by AlyssaFoxAHTo Live Amongst Barbarians by AlyssaFoxAHReever X Miranda by AlyssaFoxAHAri by AlyssaFoxAHMaka Albarn - Scythe Meister -SE- by AlyssaFoxAHJethese and Lys sketch by AlyssaFoxAHDeath Note OC- Haruna Niekachiin by AlyssaFoxAHL Lawliet - rose by AlyssaFoxAH12,000 Pageview Kiriban -Cynthia (pokemon) by AlyssaFoxAHMake It Stop (DGM OCs) by AlyssaFoxAH

Colored, waist-up/halfbody: 300 points, +150 to add additional character

-Outlined and colored waist-up/halfbody.

Maki Izane- ANE OC by AlyssaFoxAHDrek Cherresbury -DGM OC- uniform by AlyssaFoxAHAnna - for papyrus-tree by AlyssaFoxAHLotus and Camellia by AlyssaFoxAHRiche and Drek - DGM OCs by AlyssaFoxAHPC for ShadowExiladia by AlyssaFoxAH

Sketch, fullbody: 400 points, +200 to add additional character

-Simple sketch from head to toe. May or may not have pencil shading.

PC for Ryu-HQ - Embria and Amritaya by AlyssaFoxAHDrek Cherresbury outfit reference + innocence by AlyssaFoxAHReever Wenham by AlyssaFoxAHOde to Silver the Hedgehog by AlyssaFoxAHDaisya Barry -Doujin version/Training outfit by AlyssaFoxAHSly Cooper OC - Riley by AlyssaFoxAHSamurai 7 OC -Mayuru by AlyssaFoxAHCommission for Ryu-HQ by AlyssaFoxAH

Colored, fullbody: 500 points, +250 to add additional character

-Outlined and colored fullbody from head to toe.

Maka Albarn - Soul Eater by AlyssaFoxAHMiranda Lotto - New Innocence by AlyssaFoxAHLilac Gothate -SE OC by AlyssaFoxAHDGM FC/OC Richelieu Krome by AlyssaFoxAHRoad Kamelot - Happy Halloween! by AlyssaFoxAHLys Silverton *INNOCENCE*  DGM OC by AlyssaFoxAHJak and Dax: Geologist by AlyssaFoxAHLOK OC- Nygus by AlyssaFoxAHRole Swap- Noah and Exorcist by AlyssaFoxAHDurarara Doujin Cover -Hikaru No Tanjoubi by AlyssaFoxAHPC for Ryu-HQ by AlyssaFoxAH


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